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INFJ Confession #985

I often feel kind of bipolar and undecided like when I’m thinking about something I always think about both sides (the bad one and the good one ofc) and I always end up between them because I don’t know what is better for me and what people reaction will be like.I hate that, can I do something without over thinking (and blaming myself after doing something) for once?

INFJ Confession #984

Pretty people scare me , but not like horror movies or something , but I feel worse than them , I think that they will achieve more than me and be in a better relationship just because they are attractive .

INFJ Confession #983

It brings me great joy to know that I can help people through empathizing with them. For some odd reason, the way I see myself is so negative that whenever I get a compliment, I find it so hard to believe. I’m definitely hard on myself. But, at the same time, hearing these affections from others really do bring me great joy just knowing I make a difference in someone’s life and have done something right.

INFJ Confession #982

I’m an INFJ and I’m in love with an ENFP. The thing here is that we’re both GIRLS and we’re both BEST FRIENDS. Our friendship is a really profound one, whereby we have this strong emotional connection and we are each others’ halves. How do you stop being obsessed with someone you can’t be with? It’s scary how I can fall so hard for a particular person, I’ve never loved someone so unconditionally before.

INFJ Confession #981

How do I love myself? My friend told me “you seem like you don’t accept yourself. people love you as you are, i love you as you are too, but if you refuse to love YOURSELF, nothing will make you feel loved.” I went home and I read up online about feeling less insecure and more emotionally adequate, about learning that I cannot be liked by all.. But I feel as if it is almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to start loving myself as I am. That means nobodyelse will love me either.

INFJ Confession #980

Confession: How can I have such an independent nature, but find myself also co-dependent at the same time?

INFJ Confession #979

I’m very sensitive to noises. I hate noises and my mother think that I am weird because I prefer to stay at my bedroom than have to go to a party.

INFJ Confession #978

having a dating website account is possibly the worst decision I’ve made. My penchant for talking to anyone, and encouraging people to be the best in their-selves has turned me right into a maneating player. I’ve had more love confessions and pursuits as the “dream” for these characters, and it’s such a downward spiral. Because I do not yearn for casual dating relationships-and I need someone who understands how particular my personality makeup genuinely is.

INFJ Confession #977

I just finished a program where I was surrounded by the same people for a month and didn’t really connect with any of them. But there was this one guy who I instantly felt at ease around, even though I only ever spoke with him like twice. Every time I got near him I felt happy and good and that’s so rare. But I never made a move, not even just to be friends, I was too scared. Now he’s out of my life. INFJs: take that risk you’re thinking of, ‘cause you might regret not doing it. Trust me.